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-Military Discount:
We offer a 7% discount on our products to all military veterans, past and present. Before you place your order, contact us at [email protected] for details.

-Firefighter/EMT/Medic/Police Discount: 5%

-Group/Unit Orders:

For orders of four or more of the same item we offeer a group discount. Contact us before ordering

-We are open to trades for our goods. Our list of wanted items include:
-German 98k, KAR 98a, or GEW 98,'s
-Original or reproduction: Pendersoli, Euroarms, or Armisport1816, 1842 smooth or rifled, 1855, or 1861 Springfield's, 1841 Mississippi’s, P53 Enfield Rifle Musket P56 Enfield Rifle
-Original World War One or Two German uniforms and equipment, GI WW2 Helmets

If you have something not one the list, ask us anyway.