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FS1   "French Pattern" Fitted Shirt
I15   "Monmouth" Cap
RL1   1778 "Lottery" Contract Coat
I13   Beehive, Sand/Dk Brown Trim
MCD1   Belted Back Drawers
PAL2   Burton Marchbanks Paletot
CSCDJ1   Columbus Depot Jacket
CSJ3   Commutation System Jacket
CSSC2P   Confederate "McDill" Varient Sack Coat
CST2   Confederate Belted Back Trousers
CSF1   Confederate Forage Cap
CSSC   Confederate Four Button Issue Sack Coat
CSS1   Confederate Issue Shirt (Gettysburg Prisoner Image)
CSM   Confederate McDowell Style Forage Cap
FIPB1   Federal Issue Painted Blanket
ILS1   Federal Issue Shirt, Contractor Made
FIS1   Federal Issue Shirt, Contractor Variant
USH1   Federal Painted Haversack
GJ1   Georgia Jacket Model 1
CSIS2   Henry Hollyday Shirt
CSHDJ1   Houston Depot Jacket, Winter Issue
LT2   Indigo Dyed S-Twist Linen Thread
FCAJ1   Jean Cloth US Army Contract Forage Cap
JTM1   John T. Martin Footman Trousers (Early Pattern)
I5   Knit Cap
I4   Knit Hats, Various Colors
I7   Knit Scarves, Two to Choose From
I3   Knit Wool Socks, Various Colors to Choose From!
L18   Ladies Wool Knit Wristlets, 2 Colors
CCD   Lightweight Cotton Drawers
FCLJI   LJ&I Phillips Contract Forage Cap
LT1   Logwood Dyed S-Twist Linen Thread
FCMG2   Murphy & Grizwold Contract Varient
NYSJ1   New York State Jacket
CSNC1   North Carolina 6 Button Jacket
OHH1   Ohio Haversack
OHK1   Ohio Knapsack
OSJ   Ohio State Jacket
I10   Original Early Contract WS Hansell '61 Cartridge Box
I20   Original Field Applied Camo Type III Jungle Jacket
I8   Original Late 18th C. - Early 19th C. Linen Shirt
CO1   Overalls
CSK3   Painted Cloth Artillery Kepi
CWCAP   Painted Wheel Cap
PAL1   Paletot
NCS1   Private John MacRae Shirt
FCM1   Private Purchase/Officer McDowell Style Forage Cap.
CSK1   Richmond Clothing Bureau (Depot Issue) Kepi
CST1   Richmond Clothing Bureau (Depot Issue) Trouser's
CSRCBI   Richmond Clothing Bureau (Depot) Type I
CSRCBII   Richmond Clothing Bureau (Depot) Type II
CSRCBIII   Richmond Clothing Bureau (Depot) Type III
FCSDW   S.D. Walton & Co.
USSASL   Schuylkill Arsenal Fatigue Blouse, Lined
SA-FT1   Schuylkill Arsenal Footman's Trousers
SK1   Socks
SK2   Socks, Indigo Dyed
FJC1   State Issued Indigo Jean Cloth Jacket

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