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Federal Issue Painted Blanket
Federal Issue Painted Blanket

Our Price: $165.00

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Painted blankets were used as a stop-gap by the Federal Government to make up for the shortage in India rubber covered cloth. Contracting of their production continued into late 1862 and they undoubtedly saw issuance into early 1863. Their life span in the field can only be speculated upon though they did see use in both theaters.

We reproduce ours using cotton drill, measuring 71" x 46" with 18 grommets and taping included for the neck. It is seamed in the center with two edges folded to 3" and two folded to 2".

You have your choice of paints. The first is having it painted using a period recipe and application. We use an original formula of Boiled Linseed Oil, Turpentine, and Lamp Black. Though this does requires a heavy amount of blacking, increasing the cost. The second, economical though definitely not period method is done with a modern latex paint and finish that gives it the appearance of the period product.

Thank you to Wayne Hutzell for his extensive research into paints and methods of the period.