Bristol Hollow
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Having been a reenactor/living historian for many years, there were a number of items that I wanted to use for my impressions that were not available. Though I made a few things for myself, I eventually fell away from reenacting and had little time to make anything.
Returning from my last deployment, I wanted to get back into the swing by continuing research on uniforms and equipment of the average soldier. This lead to trying my hand at some new coats. Linking up with another veteran Tyler Goodrich, and with the assistance of some truly knowledgeable and fascinating individuals, it has now become a full time business.

Though we have been around a short while, the research on our items extends back several years and is ever evolving. The items we offer replicate the sewing, material, and patterning techniques of their respective periods. Our products are produced by us, right here in the USA!

We at Bristol Hollow have a strong belief not only in the preservation of the material culture of all veterans and the battlefields on which they fought but in the veterans themselves. That is why we donate a portion of all sales to the Civil War Trust and DAV (Disabled American Veterans) Charitable Service Trust. Being a business that is veteran owned, we take assisting you in honoring the Soldiers, Sailors, and Marines memory very seriously.


Gary Keefer


Tyler Goodrich